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Tobago is a charming small island that is still undeveloped. It is said that Tobago is the tropical island where Robinson Crusoe stranded. It is a place to visit if you want to experience the white beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees, calypso music and the quiet pace of life. However, Tobago is not just sea and beaches. If you go up north there are plenty of tropical forests and a lovely nature. For those who like active holidays Tobago offers worldclass golf, great deep sea fishing, excellent kite surfing, scuba diving, hiking, mountainbiking and much more.

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Below we have listed five things that one simply must do during a visit to Tobago.

Pigeon Point, for the beach lover
Tobago is a paradise for beach lovers. The island is surrounded with gorgeous beaches of which Pigeon Point is the most known and most popular. It is located in Crown Point on the south coast of the island. It is a palm-lined beach with white sand and picturesque palm trees. Pigeon Point is often ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Due to the shallow and safe water the beach is also popular among families with children.

Sunday School, for the party lover
Sunday school is a classic on Tobago. For many visitors and locals it is the highlight of the week. It is a street party every Sunday in the village of Buccoo (southern Tobago) where the streets are packed with different stands selling tasty food where the smoke of barbecue chicken, fish and corn is like a mist in the air. Locals as well as tourists gather in Buccoo to listen to steelpan, drink rum and dance to reggae and calypso into the late night (or rather early Monday morning …). As the Tobagonians would say, a perfect “lime”, synonym for “hang out” or “a gathering”.

Rainforest, for the active traveler
Tobago has one of the oldest and best preserved rainforests in the world. A guided tour during day time or at night is highly recommended. Parrots and hummingbirds can be seen in several places. Or why not take the chance to discover Tobago’s hidden gems from a mountain bike? Cycling will be done on small twisting roads, narrow paths, through high mountains and deep valleys. Your reward is a breathtaking scenery, gorgeous views and fresh waterfalls that you can swim in.

Buccoo Reef, for snorkeling and swimming
Buccoo Reef is one of Tobago’s most popular sites. A tour to the reefs in a glass bottom boat for few hours of snorkeling and swimming is more or less compulsory during a stay on Tobago. You will soon discover that Tobago under water is just as wonderful as Tobago above the surface. There is an option where you can combine the tour to Buccoo Reef with an excursion to the scenic lagoon “No Man’s Land” that includes refreshing rum punch, barbecue lunch, music and limbo. Highly recommended!

Carnival, for the party lover
Every year in February or early March Trinidad & Tobago explodes in a colorful carnival. The carnival in Port of Spain (the capital of Trinidad) is by far the largest in the Caribbean and also called “The Greatest Show On Earth”. However, there is a great carnival atmosphere that culminates with a carnival parade carnival Tuesday on Tobago as well. If you are lucky enough to be in Tobago during the carnival period, you should find your way to the town of Scarborough on Carnival Tuesday to enjoy Tobago carnival.